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Linit u-channel glass is manufactured by Lamberts, a company with an ecological approach to manufacturing and since 2006 the factory has been powered only by green renewable energy.
In 1996 the factory switched to an oxyfuel glass furnace to produce the glass, this type of furnace reduces fuel consumption and reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to an absolute minimum.  A new oxygas furnace was installed in 2011 and Lamberts are still the only architectural glass factory in the world to produce glass using this oxygas/oxyfuel technology.  A sophisticated system of electrical filters reduces particulates in waste gasses generated by the glass melting process, the resulting emissions are substantially below strict air quality regulations. Lamberts’ specialised cooling ponds contain grass eating carp eliminating the need for chemical algaecides.
Eco Glass
The amount of recycled glass in Lamberts production in approximately 50-60% for standard glass and approximately 35-45% for low iron glass depending on the recycled glass available from the economic cycle and is a mixture of internal recycling and post-consumer recycled glass.  For projects larger than 5000m2 Lamberts can increase the percentage of recycled glass on request and will also certify the amount of recycled glass content.  All Lamberts u-channel glass is now supplied as Eco glass.

Lamberts glass is 100% recyclable when it is to be discarded in the future for whatever reason. When it is recycled no harmful side effects occur from the melting process.
These measures enable Lamberts to offer high quality glass products that successfully contribute towards an ecologically sustainable future in architecture.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
Lamberts u-channel glass has a whole lifecycle EPD.  
To view, download or print this document follow this link.  

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