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Linit Colour enamelled glass

Linit Colour

Linit Colour is achieved by enamelling colour onto the glass.
Coloured ceramic frits are fired at 650 degrees Celsius on to the inside surface of the channel providing a colourfast, durable, scratch resistant finish.  This process also tempers the glass which means that Linit colour can be used anywhere on your project, even in critical zones where safety glass is required.
A multiplicity of RAL colours are available, including black, to offer you the widest choice for customising your project.

The use of our Translucent L1 enamel colour gives the appearance of sandblasting but with a smooth finish.  This is particularly useful in single skin projects as this finish does not collect dirt or moisture staining.  This finish was used on the award winning Slip House, Brixton, as shown on Grand Designs and can be seen in closer detail in our gallery.  

Click on any of the images below for a closer look.  

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