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Linit Insulation

Linit UK Aerogel.

Linit UK Aerogel is a revolutionary new gel insulation product which will improve the thermal performance of your building while providing improved light transmittance figures when compared to standard insulating options.
Using Linit UK Aerogel in conjunction with Linit u-channel glass allows the designer to achieve maximum light without compromising the thermal performance.

Ug = 1.1W/m2K with just 16mm Linit UK Aerogel.
Light transmittance up to 50%.
All components are non-hazardous, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Linit UK GL Max

Linit UK GL Max is a translucent glass fibre insulation material.  It is compressed within the Linit double glazed panels and completely fill the cavity.  The result is optimum heat insulation (U value) and reduced solar gain (g Value).
Linit UK GL Max insulation is UV stable, temperature resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius and is unaffected by humidity.  It has the additional advantage of being easy to install.
U Value 1.2W/m sq.K

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